Frost protection for Pipes and waterfeeders

Frost Protection – Typical Applications

The Equine-Heat plug-in electrical pipe frost protection heater cable is an economical and energy efficient way to keep your water flowing all winter long. The electrical heating cable kit works directly from your local voltage supply, complete with an internal thermostat that detects when the temperature drops below 5˚C. #pipe frost protection. Available at www.underfloorheatingplus.com from £45

Pipe Frost Protection Kits – Equine-Heat



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Equine-Heat water pipe frost protection system is easy to use for the following typical applications:

  • Stables and livery yards.

  • Farms and farm buildings. 

  • Sports pavillions.

  • Mobile homes and static caravans.

  • Household water pipes.

  • Condensing boiler pipes.

water pipe frost protection l frost protection l equine-heat

Farms & Farm Buildings.

 water pipe frost protection l equine-heat l pipe frost protection l static caravans

Static Caravans.


Condensing Boilers.

frozen tap

Household Pipes & Taps.

horse in snow

Livery Yards & Stables.


Thermal insulation alone often cannot keep fluids in pipes from freezing. This can be critical in situations where constantly available water is required, such as at stables, liveries, farms and static caravan parks.

There are two main purposes for using water pipe frost protection heating systems:

  • frost protection of pipes.

  • maintenance of the required temperature in pipes.

Frost protection systems are installed where there is need to prevent water and sanitary pipes from becoming frozen or being damaged by ice.

These systems are especially used in cases where water pipes are poorly insulated, or perhaps even un-insulated. This can be the case in older buildings with water pipes in walls or on roofs. Also for outside pipes which cannot be buried.

Temperature maintenance systems are installed to ensure that hot water or fluid pipes maintain the required temperature.

 How do self-regulating heating cables work?

Self-regulating heating cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. Self-regulating heating cables consist of two parallel conductors embedded in a heating core made of conductive polymer. The core is radiation cross-linked to ensure long-term reliability.
Heat is generated as electric current passes through the conductive polymer core between the conductors. As the ambient temperature drops, the number of electrical paths through the core increases and more heat is produced. As the temperature rises, the core has fewer electrical paths and less heat is therefore produced.

How our frost protection kits work.

A self regulating heat trace cable is attached to the exterior of your pipes.

The internal thermostat detects when the temperature drops below 5 degrees and switches on.

When the temperature rises above 5 degrees the thermostat automatically switches the heater off. This makes Equine-Heat economical to use.

The use of self-regulating cables ensures that the frost protection heater kits can be used when one part of the cable is indoor and the other outdoor. 



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